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FAME © (Fine Arts Mini Experience) is a lively, content-rich, kid, parent, and teacher-friendly fine arts program for elementary through eighth grade students. It's sometimes-quirky lessons resplendent with kid-attractive gimmicks and search-the-attic-type costumes promote artistic literacy in a manner that has teachers and parents singing its praises in six states. As states realize that the arts are not just "fun and games" they look for programs that provide:

  • Artistic Perception: Learning about artistic elements through the senses to develop a deeper awareness of light, color, sound, movement, and composition to heighten ordinary perception.
    (FAME's interactive theory and follow-up lessons rev up appreciation.)

  • Creative Expression: Producing art by creating or performing the creations of others.
    (Even "art phobic" teachers find follow-up lessons in ALL disciplines comfortable.)

  • Historical and Cultural Context: Understanding the arts in the context of the time & place of their creation.
    (FAME's pictorial timeline makes it easy!)

  • Aesthetic Valuing: Analyzing & developing criteria for making informed judgments to promote lifelong, fulfilling experience in the arts.
    (FAME's study of simple but fundamental elements of art and music gives students a way to understand the arts.)

FAME does it all with a well-balanced, low-cost program that can stand alone, provide a framework for individual school creativity, or supplement and enrich already existing fine arts programs.

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