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What is a FAME lesson like? Back to Top

Each lesson has two parts.

Part One is history-based, and emphasizes an artistic element of a painting and a musical composition, respectively, as well introducing biographies of the featured artist and composer.

Part Two is the hands-on experience; a variety of follow-up lessons provide various artistic media and performance activities, as well as optional Language Arts and Science activities. Literature lists for additional lesson extensions and general arts expansion are also available. For an example of a specific lesson outline, click here.

FAME Materials

What do FAME materials include? Back to Top

FAME is a six-year program, but each individual year's program is sold in what is called a Basic Set.

A Set includes:

  • A teaching manual of instructions writtten with artistic novices in mind

  • Six classroom-sized, high-quality art reproductions

  • Pen and ink sketches of the artists and composers studied in that year

Who can teach FAME? Back to Top

Teachers of the FAME program are called docents and need NOT have any teaching experience nor a background in the arts. All that is necessary is a desire to learn and share with children the joy of the arts. Docents may be: parents, grandparents, community volunteers, classroom teachers, specialists, and even principals! The FAME program trains the docent so they are completely ready to go.

What does FAME cost? Back to Top

Please call Program Director, Kathryn Sherrod, at (530) 432-1110 for current pricing.

How to get FAME? Back to Top

George Washington

Call Program Director, Kathryn Sherrod to find out more about the program and to schedule a workshop date.

  (530) 432-1110

or, email her with a convenient time and number where you may be reached, and she will return your call:


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