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FAME Lesson

Below is a lesson synopsis from the first year of FAME
(entitled FAME I).

Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov, had a love for the sea when he was a child. As an adult, he composed the sweeping Sinbad at Sea from SCHEREZADE. This folk tale-inspired music pairs with the painting of the same name, Sinbad at Sea, by Swiss-born artist Paul Klee. This art challenges students to contemplate what story is suggested in Klee's colorful, geometric art. In the course of the lesson, students also learn that the artist loved creating artistic puppets for his small son!

The telling of a Sinbad tale supports the concept of the arts as a medium for storytelling. Melody is the music element discussed since the instrument-rich piece creates such a memorable one, and Color is the art element for the lesson with a focus on the effects created by contrasting colors. The additional presentation (storytelling) of a Sinbad tale supports a secondary theme of the arts as a storytelling medium. (Language Arts)

Students love the wacky lesson introduction: the docent plays the music as background and appears in "sea-worthy" costuming. Students close their eyes, imagining themselves at the sea. The docent, wielding a spray bottle with salt water in it, directs the students to feel, taste and imagine the ocean.

As students giggle delightedly, they are gently being prepared to be led into the lesson and introduced to the joys of being FAMEous!

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